Chekody Alaskan Malamutes...

       is owned and loved by Mark and Melanie Titley. We live on a few acres just outside Canberra, Australia, where our dogs have lots of room to run around on.             

Mel has owned Malamutes since 1996, but had always wanted a Malamute since she saw her first one at around 6 years of age while on a skiing holiday in Austria. Mark use to own and show German Shepherds for several years. After many years without a dog, he decided he wanted a dog in his life again. After he met a few Malamutes, he knew he had to have one and ultimately brought us together.     

Our dogs are our family and we do many activities with them including: sledding, showing, weight pull, obedience and backpacking, to make all our dogs as well rounded as possible. We only add Malamutes to our pack when we want to add to our team, who can show and work in harness and are good at it.

Mel went to USA in 2002 to look at where Alaskan Malamutes originated from. She had a picture of the perfect Malamute in her head and decided on some lines to base our pack on, ones who can work in harness and be competitive in the show ring.  We imported 3 Malamutes; Cola, Sadie and CC along with semen from some of USA’s top winning kennels. These lines are Sno Klassic, Oakiok, Silver Ice and Nanuke from USA and Taolan from Canada. All our dogs are sound and have beautiful powerful movement due to their impeccable structure and good temperaments.

Where does the name Chekody come from some people asked?

It was formed to give tribute to Kody and Cheeba, who were Mel’s first Malamutes, who brought her into the world of Alaskan Malamutes.

We hope you enjoy our web site, and if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.


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