Ch Sno Klassic Dancin N The Dark (Imp USA)

This "Black Beauty" comes from outstanding lines, you only need to see what's behind her to go "wow".


After waiting a long time for this special girl, you can see, Sadie's got lots of outstanding dogs behind her and so far she's looking to follow in some of these awesome relative's footsteps. We couldn't ask for anything more, could we!

Well she did it, after a terrible time at the end of 2006, with a closed Pyo and some vets in Canberra not willing to try and treat her, we found a wonderful vet who treated her...and now she gave us 4 gorgeous healthy puppies to Cola. We are running on 3 of them, April, Oscar and CJ (living with Michelle White) and hopefully will turn out as nice as their parents/grandparents/relatives.

We'll be breeding Sadie to Beepers later this year, but we're hoping we'll get her into a few shows before then.

Thanks must go out to our friends Tex and Patty Ann Peel and Sandra D'Andrea. You have given us another fantastic opportunity to have some awesome dogs, which we are so grateful for, THANK YOU.



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