Chekody Long Time Coming (ai)

Zack was from our second litter and made us face a very difficult time. Zack had his first seizure at 3 weeks of age. We didn't realise what it was at the time, as we thought he was choking on his food. Once he was picked up he stopped. But he had another one a few weeks later and we knew exactly what it was.

We changed his food on vets and other breeders advised, which seemed to almost stopped them. However after one of his testicles didn't decend, we had him desexed. After that, the seizures got really bad and his quality of life dropped significantly and knew it was time we had him put to sleep.

Zack was one cool pup and we still miss him greatly, but he's close by with us everyday.

Run free Zack, you made a big impact on us and we miss you everyday. Luv u xoxo.


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